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Biscotti (including tozzetti, cantucci)

25 Jan


There are many ways to make biscotti. The defining characteristic is that they are cooked twice (bis = twice; cotti = cooked), first baked in a loaf, slices of which are then gently toasted to dry.

They go by various names, and with many variations, in different parts of Italy. The almond and lemon ones here are similar to the tozzetti or cantucci dunked into Vin Santo, especially in central Italy. Some of my favourite biscotti are lightly flavoured with anise, though I haven’t tried to make these (yet). For tozzetti, cut the slices thicker than what you see here, up to 1cm thick.

Here I give the recipe for two different flavours – almond- lemon or hazelnut-chocolate. The almond variety are best suited to dunking in Vin Santo, or with a cup of tea, while the the hazelnut and chocolate go better with coffee or darker liqueurs. For special occasions I like to make a batch of each.

I will occasionally bring these to meetings when it’s my turn to bring the snacks.

You get a clearer sense of how to make biscotti with the visuals, I think, so this recipe has an unusually high number of pictures. The specifics of getting the skin off hazelnuts, and the shaping and cutting of the pastries is better conveyed in photography than in verbal description.


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