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Green Turkey

4 Dec

I know, there are thousands of recipes for roast turkey available in books and on-line, what makes mine so special? Nothing, except that it’s green. And if you make gravy from the pan drippings, you get green gravy! It’s delicious. The coating and basting, as well as the quick temperature change at the beginning, helps to keep it dry so that both the white and dark meat cook fully without the white meat drying out. My wife, the American, loves it so much she insists that I cook the Thanksgiving turkey each year.

This recipe also avoids having to turn the turkey over, which can be dangerous. Apparently more cooking fires are started in the USA at Thanksgiving than at any other time of year.

It also belongs in the “recipes of love” section because I make it for a celebration that our family has adopted – thanksgiving. Although we live in Australia and it’s not a holiday there, and it’s generally thought of as a specifically American celebration (though it started in the UK, slightly earlier in the year), we have adopted it as a secular ritual centred around gratitude. Every year we invite a number of our closest friends to our house to feast, and engage in a ritual where each person says at least one thing from the previous year, or in their life currently, for which they are grateful. And there’s plenty of fare for the vegetarians. But here, just the turkey recipe. And you can make it for Christmas, or any other damn time you please.


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